Wellness Coaching for Attorneys


  • One-on-one meditation training

  • Guided meditations to de-stress

  • Meditation training for your organization

  • One on one wellness coaching to address individual needs

  • Mindfulness training - both individual and groups


The business of being a lawyer, and in particular being a trial lawyer is challenging.  There are the long hours, the  deadlines, the struggles with balancing work with family life. 


Having lived this life representing companies like Halliburton, BF Goodrich, Moen, etc. as well as plaintiffs in personal injury and employment matters, Vanessa understands these challenges.  Vanessa has tried an asbestos case for 6 weeks in SF Superior Court, and has missed her child's first day in kindergarten because of the whims of a federal judge.   

A longtime meditator herself Vanessa understands the incredible benefits of meditation and mindfulness.   


Vanessa is a graduate Panacea Holistic Institute's Meditation Instructor Training Course taught by senior teachers of InsightL.A. 


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