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Contact us to discuss how we can help. Initial 30 minute consultation with an attorney is free*.  


Telephone:   (562) 349-0902

Fax:              (562) 457-3614


We are located in Long Beach, California

Thank you for your message ; - )

Mobile Phone

*Initial 30 minute consultation with an attorney is free for  persons who are interested in hiring Jarvis Law Offices to represent them.  Initial consultation may be by phone or in person at the discretion of  attorney.  Attorney reserves the right to refuse to reschedule an inital consultation with persons who fail to show up for pre-arranged telephonic or in person meetings with Jarvis Law Offices.  For example, if an appointment is made with attorney for the initial consultation and potential client does not show up, attorney may decline to reschedule the appointment.  Consultations with Attorney are at Attorney's discretion, and Attorney may decline to meet or have consultation depending on many factors including: the area of law in which help is needed, the availability of attorney, or at Attorney's discretion. 


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