Employment Law

We represent employees in labor and employment law before agencies such as the California Labor Board, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as in State and Federal Court.


Are you facing any of the following issues?  


  • Has your employer failed to pay you wages, including the value of accrued vacation pay?

  • Has your employer failed to pay you overtime, or required that you make false statements on your time card to make it appear you have not worked overtime?

  • Has your employer modified your timecard to avoid paying you for your full wages, or overtime?

  • Have you been terminated or had other negative action taken against you (such as demotion or reduced pay) as a result of having attempted to take paid medical or family leave?

  • Are you being sexually harassed at work?  

  • Has your employer failed to accomodate your disability?

  • Have you been discriminated against upon the basis of your age, disability, race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or religion?

  • Have you been terminated or otherwise penalized for engaging in whistleblower activities, such as reporting your employer to OSHA for worksite violations?

  • Have you been penalized for taking paid family leave?  This could include harassment, demotion, or even being required to bring a doctor's note after every instance of using your leave. 

  • Are you a woman who is being paid less or otherwise receiving less benefits than your male counterparts for the same, or substantially the same work? 

  • Have you been denied lunch breaks or rest breaks?

  • Has your employer failed to reimburse you for miles driven in your own car, where you are required to drive from your employer's job site? The current IRS rate as of 2016 it is 54 cents per mile.

  • Have you been fired or laid off, and your employer failed to immediately pay you all wages owed, including accrued vacation pay?

  • Has your employer taken deductions out of your paycheck without your consent?

  • Has your employer failed to pay you your regular rate of pay for time spent "on call" at their premises?


If you are facing any of these issues, Jarvis Law Offices can help.  Vanessa Jarvis has been handling labor and employment for more than 15 years.   Give us a call at (562) 349-0902, or fill out the contact form located here.