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Employment Law

Are you facing any of the following issues?  


  • Are you being sexually harassed at work?  Is your supervisor continually texting you asking you to meet them outside of work?  Do you feel pressured to put up with harassing behavior in order to keep your job?  

  • Are you a woman who is being paid less than men in your same job title even though you have more experience or education or seniority?

  • Have you been told you cannot speak a Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese or another non-English language at work?

  • Has your employer failed to accomodate your disability - or even fired you without trying to explore if you could be accomodated?

  • Have you been discriminated against upon the basis of your age, disability, race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or religion?

  • Have you been subjected to ethnic slurs in your workplace and put up with it because you have kids or need your job?

  • Have you been terminated or otherwise penalized for engaging in whistleblower activities, such as reporting your employer to OSHA for worksite violations?

  • Have you been penalized for taking paid family leave?  This could include harassment, demotion, or even being required to bring a doctor's note after every instance of using your leave. 

  • Are you suffering from retaliation at work for reporting discrimination, sexual harassment or violations of the law at your job?


If you are facing any of these issues, Jarvis Law Offices can help.  Vanessa Jarvis has been handling labor and employment for more than 18 years.   Fill out the contact form located here.  

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