We represent people in a wide variety of civil disputes*.    We represent both plaintiffs (the person bringing the lawsuit) and the defendant (persons being sued).  We take on a variety of types of cases including:

  • Defamation cases, such as where a person is sued over comments they made on a review website like Yelp.

  • Breach of contract disputes which usually arise in a business context, or in context of a purchase from a business.

  • Nuisance or property related disputes.

  • Arbitrations - we represent people who are involved in arbitration of their disputes, where there was an arbitration clause in the applicable contract.

  • Representation of persons in disputes that have not yet escalated to litigation.  Often we can help resolve the dispute before it escalates to litigation.

*Civil means disputes over money, property, etc., and does not include criminal law, family law, wills and trusts, or immigration matters.  Civil disputes are those where persons are suing, or being sued in civil courts (can be state or federal) seeking monetary or other relief from the court such as an order, in a dispute with another person or legal entity such as a corporation.  .

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