Vanessa has been very successful in obtaining positive results for clients. Here is a summary of just some of the results:




  • Ms. Jarvis won a majority of the claims in her very first Special Education Due Process Hearing, securing services for student.  The remaining claim was won on appeal to the District Court.

  • Ms. Jarvis won at a due process hearing on behalf of a parent of an emotionally disturbed Student, securing placement at an NPS, counseling and transportation for Student and other services valued over $100,000.  

  • Vanessa secured an excellent settlement for a Student against Los Angeles Unified School District who had been denied the services she was entitled to after an accident left her handicapped.  District agreed to pay for Student to attend a private school for 2+ years, pay monetary damages to Student, and pay parent’s attorneys’ fees.

  • Vanessa secured an order from the United States District Court ordering Irvine Unified School District to implement stay put (return Student to his pre-dispute placement) in an appeal of a request for due process hearing case.   

  • Obtained a six-figure settlement for a client in a Section 504 claim filed in District Court against an Orange County Charter School where parent had alleged that school failed to provide student with a 504 plan to assist with her physical disability.   

  • Ms. Jarvis represented the parents of an autistic child in Irvine Unified School District and was able to assist parents in obtaining a better and more appropriate placement for Student through settlement.

  • Vanessa represented the parent of a student in Huntington Beach Unified School District who had fallen farther and farther behind in reading and spelling after years in the district's special education program.  Vanessa assisted parent in obtaining a monetary settlement to be used to fund hours of the reading program of parent's choice.  District paid the parent's attorneys' fees.  Parent paid nothing.


Civil Cases:


  • Vanessa obtained a six figure settlement in a case filed in federal court for a worker who had been demoded, and who had voluntarily quit in protest of the violation of his rights under the Family Medical Leave Act.  

  • Ms. Jarvis represented an employee who had been terminated, and whose former employer failed to pay her wages and bonuses owed before the California Labor Board.  The Labor Board ruled in favor of the employee awarding her unpaid wages, bonuses and penalties.

  • Ms. Jarvis represented a truck driver who was injured due to a dangerous condition at a wieghing station in Wilmington.  After Ms. Jarvis' private investigator obtained documentation of the dangerous condition at the site, the truck driver was generously compensated for his injuries.

  • Vanessa assisted an employee who had been terminated for reporting dangerous conditions at his workplace to OSHA recover a six figure settlement, compensating him for his lost wages.

  • Vanessa obtained a dismissal of a complaint filed against a small business owner when she demonstrated the case had no merit.

  • Vanessa assisted two former employees of a company who were laid off obtain unpaid bonuses and compensation, along with interest, without even having to file a lawsuit or making a complaint to the Labor Board.

  • Ms. Jarvis represented a client who, with a previous counsel had filed a wrongful termination suit against his former employer.   Ms. Jarvis reviewed the case, and finding it had no merit, assisted her client in dismissing the action and saving her client from having to pay the legal costs of his former employer. 

  • Vanessa assisted a small business owner settle a wage and hour claim filed with the Labor Board, before the matter went to hearing, thus saving the owner substantial penalties and interest.

  • Vanessa represented a Halliburton subsidiary in an asbestos litigation case in a six week trial in San Francisco Superior Court.  Vanessa assisted her client (who had never manufactured asbestos containing products)  in having the case dismissed just before closing statements.

  •  Vanessa has obtained dismissals of many lawsuits filed without merit against her clients, including matters involving collection of student loans, personal injury claims, and product liability claims.

  • Ms. Jarvis represented the owner of a small business settle out of court a claim made by a former disgruntled customer.  The case was resolved without the necessity of filing a lawsuit. 

  • Ms. Jarvis represented a fraternity who was suing their former legal counsel for fraudulent billing practices.  After scheduling the depositions of all the involved attorneys and learning the firm had billed for law students as if they were licensed attorneys, the case settled favorably, with the fraternity obtaining a refund in the tens of thousands. 

  • Ms. Jarvis represented a real estate agent who had disciplinary charges filed against her.  Ms. Jarvis, as a certified law clerk wrote all the briefing and argued the case before the Office of Administrative Hearings.  The client was cleared of all charges. 

  • Ms. Jarvis has obtained favorable settlements and court verdicts for many auto accident cases.


  • Ms. Jarvis was the lead attorney in the defense of a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case brought against a doctor. Ms. Jarvis successfuly defended the appeal, and obtained a ruling in favor of her client.

  • Ms. Jarvis was lead counsel in a case appealing a decision of the Office of Administrative Hearings ("OAH") to the United States District Court, in a special education case against Downey Unified School District, where the OAH had determined that consents to assessment plans and IEPs made through legal counsel had no force and effect.  Thus, the school did not have to implement the student's IEP or assess the student per the assessment plan.  The District Court reversed the OAH decision, ruled in favor of Parent, finding that parents may provide consent to IEPs and assessment plans through counsel, and remanded the case back to the OAH.

  • Ms. Jarvis successfuly defended Downey Unified School District's appeal to the 9th Cir. Court of Appeals.  Downey sought to appeal the decision of the District Court ruling that attorneys could execute  IEPs and assessment plans on behalf of parents.  Downey's appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeals, thus confirming  that parents have the right to refuse to sign District forms like IEPs and assessment plans, and instead may allow their attorney to consent for them by letter to the District.  By these decisions, Districts are now required to implement consent via attorney.

  • Ms. Jarvis was lead attorney in the I.R. case that began as a special education Request for Due Process matter before the OAH.  Ms. Jarvis appealed OAH's Decision in favor of District to the United States District Court.  When District Court judge Manny Real again ruled in favor of school district, Ms. Jarvis was again the lead attorney on the the appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, seeking reversal of Judge Real's decision.  In July, 2015 Ms. Jarvis presented oral argument to the Court of Appeal in Pasadena. 

  • Ms. Jarvis was successful in overturning a decision of the OAH and a decision by Judge Real of the United States District Court in November 2015.  The Court of Appeal found that a school district must bring a request for due process hearing against a student, where the student is not receiving a FAPE, and must do so within a reasonable time.  The Court of Appeal did not accept the reasoning of Los Angeles Unified School District's counsel that it could simply wait for years knowing that a child was not receiving a FAPE.  You may download a copy of the Court of Appeals' decision here.  



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