Jarvis Law Offices represents parents and students in a full range of special education matters.  Please see the list of services offered below. 

What is special education law?

Special Education Law is an area of law that related to rights of handicapped and learning disabled children to receive an education program customized to their unique needs by public schools in the United States.     Special Education lawyers who represent parents and their children advocate for the children's entitlement to the educational benefits granted to them by virtue of state and federal law.


For example, in some school districts it is common for children who lack the ability to make progress academically in a general education classroom, to be ignored, and allowed to fall further and further behind.  Often, children who just cannot succeed in a typical classroom are just ignored, and school staff fails to advise the parents of the child's rights under the law to be assessed for eligibility for special education services.   All too often school staff will say nothing, and even advise parents that parents must seek and pay for outside services, such as tutoring to help their child.   This is despite the fact that the laws mandate that school districts inform the parents of all students about the rights of handicapped children to special education.


For more information about your child's rights, please visit our Special Education Blog, by clicking the link in the menu at the top of the page.

Services offered: 

  • Educating parents about their childrens' educational rights

  • Helping parents represent themselves against school districts

  • Representation at school meetings, such as IEP and Section 504 meetings

  • Assisting parents in obtaining special education services for their children

  • Filing of lawsuits against school districts for state law violations (known as Request for Due process hearings)

  • Filing of federal lawsuits for violation of federal laws

  • Filing of lawsuits in federal court to collect reasonable attorney's fees against school districts after a win at due process

  • Filing of compliance complaints with government agencies against school districts

  • Filing of appeals of due process hearing decisions

  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals cases

  • Year round representation of families in special education

  • Claims against school districts arising under the California Tort Claims Act

  • Other services related to special education matters



Results obtained for clients.

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