Hourly rates:

Attorney hourly rate:  $250.00

Attorney hourly rate - appellate cases:  $350.00


Contingency* rates:

In certain litigation matters, at the discretion of Ms. Jarvis, cases may be taken on a contingency basis.  In cases where the firm agrees to proceed on a contingency basis, the firm's typical fee is 33 - 40% of the proceeds, depending on whether there is a settlement, or the case goes to trial, plus reimbursement of all costs expended.    

Hybrid agreements are also sometimes entered into, wherein a reduced hourly rate is charged, in addition to a smaller percentage of the proceeds of the case. 

*A contingency fee is a fee arrangement wherein a lawyer agrees to take a case on and be paid only if the case is successful, and is paid a percentage of the settlement or verdict, in addition to having costs reimbursed. 


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